Chapter 09

Nov 1 2012 – We had another doctors appointment today. After the long day at the hospital the day before, I was exhausted and just wanted a break, but I had to go and tell Dr S about the awesome people I met the day before. My appointment was normal, she checked her heart rate, it was strong as always! Checked my measurements etc. After she checked us both out, she told me she had been on the phone with Barnes that day and they had already granted her privileges! Hospital X told us this process could take weeks, Barnes had it done in a day! I have to say I was relieved to hear this since my pregnancy was so scary we just never knew what would happen. She was now able to deliver me there at any point, if something were to happen. This was incredible news! Next I wanted to talk to her about our plan. I wanted what was best for Allison, but I also wanted to do what we could to have a live birth. I wanted to meet the little girl that I was working so hard to protect and I wanted her to meet me and her Daddy and sister. Dr S and I talked for a long time about this need, and it was decided that it was best for me to get weekly biophysical profiles done on Allison to make sure she wasnt showing any signs of fetal distress. Biophysical profiles are just basically an ultrasound where they check for movement, watch for them to practice their breathing, etc. We decided that if she started to show any signs of distress we would evaluate where we were in the pregnancy and see if induction at that point would get me more time with her, or a chance at all of meeting her. We also talked about my induction, and we decided that when that time came, we would turn the monitors off on Allison, that way if she did pass away during labor, I wouldnt know. Part of me didnt think I would be able to continue with delivery if I didnt have a live baby to hold at the end of it. I scheduled another appointment for 2 weeks from then and her office called Barnes to start my BPPs for 2 weeks from then as well. I have to say, that choosing to do those BPPs is one of the big reasons that I met Allison alive.


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