Chapter 02

In August, we went for our 20 week ultrasound, and since my schedule was pretty tight, it ended up actually being around 18 weeks. A little early but the ultrasound place assured me that was ok. The night before, I was crawling into bed, and told my husband “I hope tomorrow goes ok. I have this feeling that this baby is sick, and I cant see us bringing her home”.
My husband is a pretty laid back guy, so me saying these things didnt really alarm him. I went in the next afternoon, still uneasy, but by now the pregnancy had been nothing but healthy so I just shook it off as I always did. The ultrasound tech spent a few minutes playing around with her, confirming she was a girl and chatting with me. Then she really started concentrating and said that she was having a hard time seeing the chambers in Allisons heart the way she should be able to, and that Allison was measuring small, so we needed to reschedule an appointment after 20 weeks. She assured me everything was fine, I was just scheduled too early to be able to see what she needed to. We rescheduled for 4 weeks later (22 weeks). To a normal person, this wouldnt be anything alarming. For me, I knew it was the start of something really bad. I made an immediate appointment with my doctor for 2 days later. She listened to hear heartbeat, it was very strong. She already had the report from the ultrasound, and the tech made no indication of anything being wrong on the report. I was assured everything was fine again. The next 4 weeks were hard for me. I was impatient, irritable and all I wanted was to go back for my ultrasound and see a perfectly functioning 4 chamber heart. On September 20th, I went back for my follow up ultrasound to see if they could see her better. I got the same ultrasound tech and she welcomed me back and took me into the same room where 4 weeks ago she told me everything was fine but she just couldnt see what she needed to. I left that day with much different news than “everything is fine”..


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